WHL Scholarship Program

For every year of hockey played with a WHL Club, the WHL Graduate Player is guaranteed one year of post-secondary tuition, textbook and administrative expenses at a post-secondary institution of their choice.

The Scholarship, once earned, is fully guaranteed through the WHL SPA and can be accessed to fund any post-secondary, career-enhancing program.

Tuition fees are based on the cost of an Arts, Sciences or related undergraduate program at a designated public funded university in the Player’s home province or state. For example, if a player’s home town is Edmonton, Alberta – the tuition is based on the fees at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, regardless of which post-secondary institution the player attends.

HALF YEAR: A half year of financial assistance is earned if a player is named on the WHL Club’s roster on October 10.

FULL YEAR: A full year of financial assistance is provided if earned if a player is named on the WHL Club’s roster on January 10 (up to a maximum of five years).

The Scholarship can be accessed through the WHL Office once the Graduate Player enrolls as a full time student and follows the prescribed process.

The player will forfeit his scholarship WHL Scholarship should the following occur:

  • A player is required by their post-secondary institution to withdraw due to failure to maintain passing grades
  • A player signs a professional hockey contract at the NHL, AHL or Elite European level
  • A player does not enroll in a post secondary program within one year following his last season of eligibility in the WHL
  • The Graduate Player is permitted to play one year in a designated professional league (ECHL or lower) without forfeiting their WHL Scholarship benefits.

Current WHL Players
The WHL and Education

The WHL is committed to providing an environment for players to excel both in academics and in hockey. While a player’s goal is to win a WHL Championship and compete for the MasterCard Memorial Cup, it is equally important each player sets his sight on academic success. WHL Clubs are governed by league-wide Education Standards and policies to ensure all players graduate from high school in a timely fashion and achieve the highest level of academic success possible.

The WHL and High School Education

A fundamental WHL principle is that all WHL players, during their time in the League, will graduate from high school in a timely fashion.  Every opportunity will be provided for all players to complete “on time” high school graduation requirements as specified by his home province or state.

To emphasize this position, WHL Clubs take disciplinary action in order to ensure players are committed to achieving to the highest level of their academic capabilities.  Such discipline may result in a player not dressing for a regular season game, not travelling on a road trip, or being suspended for a period.  Players are expected to perform at an academic level equal to or higher than grades achieved at his home school.

Every WHL Club has an “Academic Team” in place to serve the scholastic needs of each player, along with his family.  This Team includes the Club’s General Manager, Coaches, and Education Advisor, Counselors and Teachers in the franchise city high school, a key Counselor at the player’s home school, and the WHL Director of Education Services.

The Role of the Education Advisor

An Education Advisor is on the staff of every WHL Club. These professionals act as a liaison with the franchise school and the player’s home school. The Education Advisors are responsible to monitor the progress of each player academically and provide additional assistance to ensure the player achieves his academic goals.

Throughout the season, Education Advisors communicate regularly with each other and the WHL Director of Education Services, sharing initiatives, academic information, and ideas.

All Education Advisors have an extensive education background and experience in the school system of the franchise city. Typically, retired school administrators, teachers, or counselors fill these positions.