Founders History



Kamloops Blazers Holdings Ltd. purchased the Kamloops Junior Oilers’ WHL Franchise from the Edmonton Oilers in 1984. Kamloops Junior Oilers Ltd was registered as a company on January 21, 1982.

Kamloops Blazers Holding Ltd. operated under the same company articles as the Junior Oilers. This was accomplished by a Special resolution for the name change. The WHL registered the Kamloops Blazers Holdings Ltd. as the owner-entity of the franchise and the company operated the team until the transfer in 1987.

Kamloops Blazers Sports Society was incorporated as a non-profit society on September 22, 1987 under the statutes of the BC Society Act. The principle constitutional purpose of the Society was “to own, manage and operate the Kamloops Junior Hockey Club and to promote amateur and Junior Hockey in and around the City of Kamloops.”

The Society purchased the franchise from Kamloops Blazers Holdings Ltd. on December 22, 1987. The Constitution was amended in 1989 to add a dissolution clause in order to receive a $100,000 loan from the City of Kamloops.

At a requisition meeting on August 23, 2007, the membership voted to accept the amended offer of August 22, 2007 from River City Hockey, Inc. to purchase the assets of the Society. The Board of Governors of the Western Hockey League approved the transfer of the franchise on October 10, 2007 and the sale closed on October 25, 2007.

In October 2008, the Kamloops Blazers Sports Foundation Directors approved the donation of its assets to the Society.

The proceeds of the sale and the contribution by the Foundation constitute the Kamloops Blazers Sports Society Legacy Fund.


Historical List of KBSS Directors 1987 – 2010
Victor Bifano 2006-07
Andy Clovechok 1988-2003
Dennis Coates 2003-2010
Gary Cooper 1987-88   2003-2007
Christine Cross 2007-10
Norm Daley 2003-05   2007-10
Colin Day 1987-2003
Jack Farley 1988-89
Rick Harris 1987-2003
Loy Hoffbeck 2000-03
Ivan Jakic 1988-89
Ross Jardine 2003-05
Derek Johnston 2006-10
Don Larsen 1987-91
Ron Maguire 2003-10
Tom Mangan 2003-06
Brendan Martin 2008-10
Frank McCrae 1988-2003
Don Moores 2006-08
Murray Owen 2005-10
Gord Patterson 2007-09
Frank Rossi 2007-10
Arne Saastad 1988-89
Norio Sakaki 2000-03
Ted Smigielski 1988-2003
Bob Smillie 1987-88    2003-07
Case van Diemen 2000-06
Walter Wende 1988-89
Rob Zimmer 2006-08

September 25/84 September 25, 1984 September 25, 1984
523 Group Grass, Mike Qualitiere, Wayne
Adams, Paul Harris, Gordon Radio NL
Alexandre, Ted Harrold, Craig Rae, Jack
Anger, Bill Hartley, Gerry Reisbrecht, Abe
Artnor Holdings Headhunters Ritchie, Lorraine
Baron, Roy Hoffbeck, Loy Robertson, Grant
Beatty, Stu Hollstedt, Jack Rossi, Frank
Becker, Bob Hoover, Don Roy, Harvey and Jackie
Begg, Ed Hunt, Noel Russell, Mike
Bepple, Oscar IJ Manufacturing Saastad, Arene
Big Brothers Jardine, Kevin Sakaki, Norio
Blackwell, Dave Johnston, Derek Sanders, Nathan
Booster Club K. Rest & Food Ser Sankey, Bill
Booth, James Kam. HC Society Sauve, Gerald
Bourque, Paul and Glenda Kerr, Dave Scherer & Turnbull
Bruno, Mike Kershaw, R & W Scholefield, KG
C. West Coach KMHA Schreiner, Roger
Cates Carroll Watts Ladies Aux KMHA Shandro, Gerald
Central Sten Ad Lagrandeur, Dean Singh, Gur
Christiansen, Ray Lambert, Francois Smigelski, Ted
Clovechok, Andy Larsen, Don Smillie, Bob
Conan, Waverly Leong, Joe Smith, Vern
Cooper, Gary Lizzi, Enzo Stephens, Jim
Cooper, Ron Lotus Enterprises Strutz, Richard
Coupal, Larry MacGillvary, Bill Stuart, Jim
Crawford, B Madiuk, Randy Stuart, Sandra
Crawford, JM Mah, Vic Sturgeon, Craig
CUPE Local 900 Martin, V & B Tetreau, George
Day, Bert Mattis, G & M Tordoff, Keith
Day, Colin May, M. J. Van Dieman, Case
Day, M. J. McConnel, Robert van Hoff, Peter
Dever, Eldon McInnes, Ray van Horlick, John
Deys, Bernie McRae, Frank W. Industrial Rel.
Don-Bar Holdings Middlemass, Ian Wallace, Tom
Dreyer, Harold Miller, Alan J Weiss, Irvin
E. Funk Electric Moffett, Ken Wende, Walter
Espig, Peter Monkman, George Westphal, G & J
Ezzard, Ken Morice, Earl Willis, Robert
Farley, Jack Necmart Enterprises Winters, Bob
Ferguson, Frances Nelson, John Yellow Quip Rentals
Ferner, Edwin Nicholson, Babs
Fisher T&B Nielsen, Mort
Floritto Egg Sales Nishimura, Harry 1985
Fuoco, Ray Obana, J. Banman, A
Fuoco, Reg Olsen, Gordon Juusola, Jack
Garden Court Inv. Owen, Maurice and Isabelle Westwin Realty
Gatehouse, George Owen, Murray Youwe, Clifford
Gilliland, Fred Prefontaine, Doug